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    SIX days until move in! We cannot wait! #APDreamhouse #AlwaysAlphaPhi
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    In just seven short days, we will be reunited with these two amazing camp crimson counselors, Blair McDonald (Orientation Guide) and Paige…
  • 768831521980433019_273219367
    In 8 days, all of the aphi women will be living under one roof! We can't wait! #APDreamhouse #AlwaysAlphaPhi
  • 768141332924613161_273219367
    Nine short days until 2014 Polish Week, and we can't wait! #APDreamhouse #alwaysalphaphi
  • 767469825332364086_273219367
    OU Alpha Phi is so excited to announce that our new and updated website is officially ready! Learn more about Alpha Phi at…
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    10 more days until all of our sisters are under the same roof again! Let the countdown begin! #APDreamhouse
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    Wishing a happy #WCW to some of our amazing exec and chapter members! #alwaysalphaphi
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