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    Even when we are on Christmas break we can't get enough of eachother! #AlwaysAlphaPhi
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    Good luck to all our ladies on their finals this week. Keep on studying- It's almost Christmas break! #AlwaysAlphaPhi ❄️📚
  • 868955140441522229_273219367
    Shoutout to Taylor Jarmon and Alexandra Cochran for being chosen for camp crimson crew this summer!! We are so proud #AlwaysAlphaPhi
  • 866845609037152669_273219367
    Allie, Annie and Lauren were our beautiful Beaux Arts Debutants at the 69th Beaux Arts Ball on Saturday #AlwaysAlphaPhi
  • 865451067423604808_273219367
    It was great seeing all of our sisters enjoy their thanksgiving break, but we are so happy to be under one roof again! #AlwaysAlphaPhi
  • 863073684326466314_273219367
    The women of Phi chapter are counting our blessings today! Happy Thanksgiving! #AlwaysAlphaPhi
  • 861170155181588712_273219367
    Say hello to Phi chapter's new executive council! We cannot wait for this upcoming year and all it has to bring! #AlwaysAlphaPhi
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