Recruitment 2019...

      I first ran home to Alpha Phi three years ago and I could have never imagined at the time what this place had in store for me. This home has shaped me, these people have molded me and I honestly could not imagine my college experience without Alpha Phi. After joining this amazing sisterhood, I became passionate about sharing our sisterhood with other girls and expressing why I am proud to be an Alpha Phi. It is truly my greatest honor to serve this chapter of Vice President of Recruitment and help continue the legacy that Alpha Phi is continuing to create at the University of Oklahoma. 

            At Alpha Phi, we pride ourselves on our sisterhood that lasts a lifetime, the common bond of scholarship, philanthropic involvement, and the development of deep, genuine friendships.

            To prospective members, I am so excited for you and also a little bit jealous! I wish I could relive all my years as an Alpha Phi over and over. You are about to embark on the most incredible journey and meet the most wonderful people. This is an experience you will never forget. Recruitment is all about finding a place that will enrich your time here at OU in the most remarkable ways while providing a lifetime of love and sisterhood. The rest of my sisters and I cannot wait to meet you in August where we will welcome you into our home and share with you why we all chose Alpha Phi.

            As the Vice President of Recruitment, I am so proud to continue the legacy of Alpha Phi, and also to ensure that each potential new member has a memorable recruitment experience with us. This is an experience of a lifetime. This is Oklahoma Alpha Phi.

All my best,

Chandler Peck, VP of Recruitment


Recruitment 2019 dates

Thursday, August 8: Round 1- Day 1- Open House

Friday, August 9: Round 2- Day 2- Open House

Saturday, August 10: Round 2- Philanthropy Round

Sunday, August 11: Round 3- Sisterhood/House Tour Round

Monday, August 12: Round 4- Preference Round

Tuesday, August 13: Bid Day- Bids Distributed at 2:00 PM

Please send all letters of recommendation to:

Alpha Phi

1401 College Ave.

Norman OK, 73072

Online references and recommendations can be emailed to: